Occupational Medicine

What is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational medicine, or occupational health, is best defined as the branch of medicine dealing with the prevention and treatment of job-related injuries and illnesses. Physicians who are certified in this specialty focus their practice and techniques on diagnosing conditions and working to repair injuries that patients acquire while working on-the-job. It is an occupational medicine physician�s primary goal to work with employers to ensure safe practices are upheld in order to create the safest work environment for all employees.

Many businesses invest in occupational medicine physicians to ensure their workers remain healthy and in tip-top shape. In order to handle the worst-case scenario – a severe work place injury – occupational medicine physicians are brought on to manage the situation in the fastest time to ensure a worker gets back on their feet and is returned to their previous healthy-state as soon as possible. Occupational medicine physicians work closely with employees, their employers and insurance companies to achieve this goal.